Teaching Assistantships and Evaluations, Cornell Department of Economics

Econ 3040, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Professor Christopher Huckfeldt (Spring 2017)

Econ 3040, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Professor Henry Wan (Fall 2016)

Econ 1120, Introduction to Macroeconomics, Professor Arnab Basu (Spring 2016)

Econ 6130, Grad Macroeconomics I, Professors Julieta Caunedo and Karl Shell (Fall 2015)

Econ 3020, Accelerated Macroeconomics, Professor Karel Mertens (Spring 2015)

Econ 1110, Introduction to Microeconomics, Professor Jennifer Wissink (Fall 2014)

Teaching Awards, Cornell Department of Economics

The Howard and Abby Milstein Graduate Teaching Assistantship (Fall 2016)

The Anindya (Bappu) Majumder ’98 Memorial Prize for Excellence in Teaching (Fall 2015)