Midd Faculty at Home Webinar on Friday

Tomorrow I’ll be hosting a webinar for Middlebury College’s newly launched Faculty at Home series. Professor of Political Science Bert Johnson kicked off the series yesterday with a great talk about the political implications of the coronavirus for the United States. I particularly enjoyed his explanation of U.S. GDP forecasts for 2020Q2 as being “out-of-sample,” in the parlance of social scientists, for forecasting electoral results in November. (JP Morgan is forecasting a 40% contraction for 2020Q2, measured at an annualized rate.)

My short talk will focus on the U.S. economic fallout from the coronavirus, recent federal policy responses, prospects for recovery, and the risks ahead, all followed by some Q&A.

  • When: 12:15-1pm EDT on Friday, April 24
  • What: The COVID-19 Recession: Economic Fallout and Prospects for Recovery
  • How: You can register here
  • Over: Zoom, or a Youtube live stream if the webinar hits capacity on Zoom

I’ll post my slides and a link to the webinar video after the talk…

One thought on “Midd Faculty at Home Webinar on Friday

  1. I just listened, with great interest, to your lecture on economic fallout of the pandemic. I hope the slides on the “V” shaped recovery end up being accurate!

    My work is in affordable housing. At a very high level, how do you think lenders/landlords will be able to absorb the costs of missed rents and mortgage payments? Is there a mechanism for forgiveness or deferral which doesn’t end up being punitive to the borrowers or renters? Housing costs are such a big piece of people’s monthly costs (esp. in the northeast), I expect that the squeeze on everyone’s income and subsequent delinquent rent/ mortgage will be a big drag (like 2008?) on the economy.
    I’m falling out of my depth on the correlation between macroeconomics and housing and I’d be grateful to hear your thoughts on how the pandemic will effect housing.

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