Teaching Portfolio

Both my teaching philosophy and practice will surely evolve along with my professional development, trends in academia, and technological innovation. To that end, I view proactively seeking out mentorship and professional development opportunities as key to continually developing one’s research potential and teaching style in a rapidly changing world. While pursuing my doctorate, I elected to take a course “The Practice of Teaching in Higher Education” to learn about current research and thinking about teaching, as well as to reflect upon and improve my own pedagogical approach. This teaching portfolio is the course’s capstone project, intended to guide my teaching as a junior professor, most likely for an undergraduate intermediate macroeconomics course.

This teaching portfolio is organized in four parts, each of which highlight my philosophy and approach to one set of requisite skills for being a successful educator.

  • Course Design & Planning: This chapter details my approach to preparing to teach, working backwards from desired learning outcomes and skill development.
  • Classroom Effectiveness: This chapter details my philosophy on effective teaching in economics and approach to teaching, as well as student and departmental evaluations of my teaching to date.
  • Assessment of Student Learning: This chapter details my philosophy on constructive student assessment in economics, again focusing on advancing desired learning outcomes and skill development.
  • Professional Development: This chapter outlines my philosophy on professional development, mentorship, and academic service in relation to being a successful educator.

This teaching portfolio is intended as a living document, to be updated as I begin teaching economics courses of my own as an assistant professor.